Featured Speakers

Yes, this conference is all about having fun and connecting and re-connecting with friends. Here are some of our feature speakers who will help us do that.

Renee Jacobs

Humorous Contest District Champion 2016

Renee doesn’t think she’s funny. But as District 96’s first Humorous Contest District Champion she has been an ambassador for non-funny people all across our new district.

Renee will be delivering her winning speech “Golf is a Four Letter Word” followed by her workshop “I’m Not Funny”.

Vivien Ip

Humorous Contest District Champion 2012

After Vivien won the District 21 Humorous Speech Contest in 2012, a few clubs asked if she would be willing to come and teach them about humour. Just one problem: Vivien had relied purely on instinct when she wrote her now-winning Humorous Speech. Thankfully in the months and years that followed (and under a bit of pressure), Vivien was finally able to do what she had not achieved in the first three years of being a Toastmaster: figure out what worked for her and her "Mistaken Identity".

Vivien’s winning speech “Mistaken Identity” will be followed by her workshop “WTF: Whoa the Findings!”

Alan Warburton

Humorous Contest District Champion 2006 and 2007

“Two Keys to Unlock Humour In Our Speeches”

In this workshop Alan will provide details about two keys that are available to all of us when planning to incorporate humour in our speeches. They are simple and they work!

Alan Warburton will examine each key carefully and them present his winning speech from the D21 Humorous Speech Contest in 2007, “When I’m 64”, to demonstrate the two keys in action.

Kanak Khare

Humorous Contest District Champion 2005

Kanak did Prince George proud when she drew more laughs and giggles than all her competitors in 2005. She is still competing today in her current club in Calgary.

Kanak’s winning speech “Just Do It” will be followed by an interactive chat with us about her Toastmaster life, contests, writing and delivering a speech in front of a large audience, and any questions from us.

Wilson Fowlie

Humorous Contest District Champion 2004

Wilson’s winning speech “Music to My Ears” will be followed by his workshop "Words, Music, and Words & Music" where he will share why he did it, how he did it and why it works.

Gerry Parker

Humorous Contest District Champion 2000

There are a few geniuses in comedy and song who influenced me greatly and led to the creation of this particular speech and also contributed to a few other presentations and significant events that have arisen in my life. I’ll share my experiences and would love to hear yours.

Gerry’s winning speech "Parliamentary Procedures" will be followed by his workshop "Stepping on Shoulders".

Judy Johnson

District Humorous Contest Champion 1996

"Whose Idea Was This Anyway?"

Back in 1996, Johnson delivered a ground-breaking speech that won over BC Toastmasters. In this workshop, Judy retells her speech, which is still as relevant as it was twenty-one years ago. She will answer questions about how she made such a personal topic into a side-splitting winner, without crossing the “Line of Good Taste”. An experienced presenter, Judy will show how to: develop an idea; make effective use of props and gestures; and then refine the timing - in spite of audience laughter. The topic is… well... you will have to be there to get it!

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